Pendulum, Pendulum,  Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 (Redemption),  振り子
Aired: Mar 16, 2012
Duration: 4 min.
Viewed: 10
Scored: 7.63/10 (9,551 voted myanimelist)
Synonyms: Pendulum, Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 (Redemption), 振り子
Genres: DramaRomanceSlice of LifeMusic
Furiko, meaning "pendulum," shows the highs and lows of a family of two—a high schooler, and his future wife, whom he rescues from delinquents. From the brilliant mind of comedian Tekken, comes a heartwarming story of a couple overcoming their differences even as they struggle through life. Not a moment goes by without meaning or expression in these four and a half minutes. [Written by MAL Rewrite] In December of 2018, Tekken released an extended cut of film which features new music and adds one-and-a-half minutes of runtime.

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