Kimagure Orange☆Road OVA

Kimagure Orange☆Road OVA, Kimagure Orange Road OVA
Aired: Mar 1, 1989 to Apr 1, 1991
Studios: Studio Pierrot
Licensors: AnimEigoDiscotek Media
Duration: 30 min. per ep.
Viewed: 552
Scored: 7.52/10 (2,419 voted myanimelist)
Synonyms: Kimagure Orange Road OVA
Genres: ComedyDramaMagicRomanceSchool
Kimagure Orange Road OVA is basically the extension from the TV series. The time frame is probably in the middle of the TV series. Order to view with the TV series. White Lovers - among the episodes 35 and 45 Hawai Suspence - among the episodes 17 and 25 I was a cat, I was a fish - among the episodes 17 and 30 Hurricane Akane, the shape-shifting girl - among the episodes 20 and 25 Spring is for Idols - among the episodes 23 and 30 Birth of a Star - Right after "Spring is for Idols" Unexpected Situation - after the OAV of Akane Message in Rouge - after the episode 48
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