Yebisu Celebrities 1st

Yebisu Celebrities 1st, Yebisu Celebrities 1st
Type: OVA
Aired: May 28, 2010
Duration: 45 min.
Viewed: 121
Scored: 6.02/10 (3,599 voted myanimelist)
Synonyms: Yebisu Celebrities 1st
Genres: Yaoi
When Haruka Fujinami starts his job at Yebisu Graphics he takes an immediate dislike to his tyrannical boss, Mr. Daijou. Haruka is given the most menial tasks imaginable and is subjected to Daijou's verbal abuses as well, but oddly enough, he learns that his attraction to his boss grows with each new humiliation. Will Haruka finally stand up to Daijou and assert himself, or will he completely surrender his body and soul to the tall, dark stranger?
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