Mu Wang Zhi Wang: You Du Zhan

Mu Wang Zhi Wang: You Du Zhan, Mu Wang Zhi Wang: You Du Zhan
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Synonyms: Mu Wang Zhi Wang: You Du Zhan
Genres: ActionAdventureRomanceHistorical
The 12th year of the Tai Calendar Luo Wuzi was ordered to build the Tomb of King Qin. Then he was given the title King of the Tomb. After building it, he became the King of the Tomb City and ruled over the Tomb of the World. Since then The tomb sect in Jianghu is in its heyday. But then, The Tomb sect is split. King of the Tombs heir, Mu Rong Shi may be a Tomb Guards Sect. The Luo family ran away, and build the Luo Family Ancestral Hall as a separate faction and is understood because of the Tomb Attackers Sect. When the Two sects meet If a subsequent generation of the Tomb Attacker Sect succeeded in getting Tomb Destruction Orders at the Nine-Locked Chain Tomb they’ll get the King’s Tomb Throne. For thousands of years both the good Sect, the Tomb Attacker Sect, and therefore, the Tomb Guards Sect very difficult to separate. To the present day, king Palace deliberately put treasure within the tomb. Tomb Guards Sect, Mu Rong Xian, to point out his loyalty he smuggled the tomb guard against the outside. (Source: Kurina Official)
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