Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex, Lovely Complex
Premiered: Spring 2007
Aired: Apr 7, 2007 to Sep 29, 2007
Producers: TBSTAPSony Music EntertainmentShueishaNichion
Studios: Toei Animation
Licensors: Discotek Media
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Viewed: 2736
Scored: 8.13/10 (185,879 voted myanimelist)
Synonyms: Lovely Complex
Genres: ComedyRomanceShoujo
Love is unusual for Koizumi Risa and Ootani Atsushi, who are both striving to find their ideal partner in high school—172 cm tall Koizumi is much taller than the average girl, and Ootani is much shorter than the average guy at 156 cm. To add to their plights, their crushes fall in love with each other, leaving Koizumi and Ootani comically flustered and heartbroken. To make matters worse, they're even labeled as a comedy duo by their homeroom teacher due to their personalities and the stark difference in their heights, and their classmates even think of their arguments as sketches. Lovely★Complex follows Koizumi and Ootani as they encourage each other in finding love and become close friends. Apart from their ridiculous antics, they soon find out an unexpected similarity in their music and fashion tastes. Maybe they possess a chemistry yet unknown, but could love ever bloom between the mismatched pair? [Written by MAL Rewrite]
Ootani, Atsushi
Koizumi, Risa
Yoshioka, Mimi
Tanaka, Chiharu
Suzuki, Ryouji
Risa's Mother
Risa's Father
Ootani's Mother
Ootani's Sister
Nakao, Heikichi
Nakano, Kiyoji
Matsubara, Kazuko
Kuniumi, Maitake
Kotobuki, Seishiro
Koizumi, Takato
Kohori, Kazuki
Kanzaki, Mayu
Ishihara, Nobuko
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EP 24 Together Forever!! 2020-03-17 17:45:58
EP 23 To Each Their Own!! Everyone Has Their Own Passion. 2020-03-17 05:00:15
EP 22 Otani Declares A Catastrophic Collapse!! 2020-03-17 05:00:16
EP 21 Foreboding Break Up?! Risa’s and Otani’s Separate Paths. 2020-03-17 05:00:17
EP 20 Declaration of War!! Dangerous Pretty Girl Burning With Jealousy!! 2020-03-17 05:00:17
EP 19 Sudden Collapse!! First Date Begins With a String of Bad Luck 2020-03-17 05:00:18
EP 18 The Best Birthday In History 2020-03-17 05:00:19
EP 17 Iron Fists of Love! Catch My Female Spirit Ball!! 2020-03-17 05:00:20
EP 16 Maity-Magic! How To Metamorphose Love?! 2020-03-17 05:00:21
EP 15 Danger-Man Maity’s Sweet Seduction 2020-03-17 05:00:21
EP 14 Death By Heartgasm For Maity! 2020-03-17 05:00:22
EP 13 Fever! First Kiss In His Bedroom? 2020-03-17 05:00:23
EP 12 Reclaim Your Love! Improve Femininity With True Love Chocolate!! 2020-03-17 05:00:24
EP 11 Up A Creek Without A Paddle! Back Together With the Ex?! 2020-03-17 05:00:25
EP 10 Face Off Against the Ex?! Operation Breast Exposure!! 2020-03-17 05:00:26
EP 9 Back From the Dead! Aim For the Girlfriend Spot!! 2020-03-17 05:00:27
EP 8 Beyond Hope! Big Heartbreak!! 2020-03-17 05:00:28
EP 7 Abandon Ship! The Worst Confession of Love Ever!! 2020-03-17 05:00:28
EP 6 A Maiden's Determination! Love-Love Confession Plan!! 2020-03-17 05:00:29
EP 5 Send Forbidden Love Flying! 2020-03-17 05:00:30
EP 4 Kiss! I've Fallen For You! 2020-03-17 05:00:31
EP 3 A Guy You Like or a Guy from the Past? 2020-03-17 05:00:32
EP 2 The Ex-Girlfriend Love Triangle!? 2020-03-17 05:00:33
EP 1 Freshman Year Summer! I'll Definitely Find a Boyfriend! 2020-03-17 05:00:34