eX-Driver, エクスドライバー
Type: OVA
Aired: Jul 25, 2000 to Sep 25, 2001
Producers: Bandai VisualGenco
Studios: ActasProduction Reed
Licensors: Media Blasters
Duration: 25 min. per ep.
Viewed: 26
Scored: 6.77/10 (3,431 voted myanimelist)
Synonyms: エクスドライバー
Genres: ActionAdventureComedyShounenSci-FiCars
Ex-Driver is set in the future, when all transportation is easily controlled by AI. Though like all machines they tend to break down or lose control or re-programmed. This is where three high schoolers with non AI cars, Subaru WRX, Super 7, Lotus comes in to save the day and make sure the public is safe at all times. (Source: ANN)
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